Coat of arms of Schongau
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The Hangman’s Daughter takes place in Schongau, Bavaria in Germany.  Like many of the novel’s other details, its geographical setting is historically accurate.  Schongau is located near the Alps and along the Lech river which is featured prominently in the novel – the first murdered orphan is found floating in the Lech.  Potzsch spends a good amount of time emphasizing what exists inside or outside of the city walls and often what is outside of the walls is associated with crime, danger, and often death.  Interestingly, the Schongau city walls are still intact and in good shape.

Interested in Schongau’s History?

Schongau, Bavaria – Wikipedia

Schongau’s official website – make sure to use Google Translate

Want to Read Another Book about Germany?

Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian.  Excerpts taken from an unpublished diary make up the background of this novel which details Jewish women struggling to survive WWII. This novel follows the journey of one woman and her family as they try to flee westward during the final months of the war.  Like The Hangman’s Daughter this book is another detailed historical fiction about Germany.

If You’re interested in the 17th Century.

An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears.  This novel is a work of historical mystery set in the 17th century and told from the point of view of four characters. Readers who enjoyed the plot twists, rich details, and strong sense of place in The Hangman’s Daughter may enjoy this read.


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